Day 13 & 14: Two Weeks In

I wish that I had more to report about how my primal diet is going. I really don’t have much to say… Since I have been on restrictive diets before, (due to intolerance)… Continue reading

Day 11 & 12: Wait. Is this healthy?

I’m feeling great. No sluggishness or headaches, unless I’m caught at Sweet Life. No guilt after eating wayyy too many carbs. I have good energy. I don’t feel bloated. This diet change is… Continue reading

Day 9 & 10: Fab Fats

I recently began wondering which fat I should cook with the most. Most conventional wisdom has taught us that canola oil is a great oil and margarine is a great replacement for butter.… Continue reading

Day 8: Dinner for One

At least two nights a week, I cook for one. Scott is at work and I am able to experiment in the kitchen. He doesn’t mind if I experiment while he’s home, but… Continue reading

Day 6 & 7: One Week Paleo

Well, there it is. One whole week paleo. I have stayed close to 100% paleo, but I’ve had some indulges. Last week, I ate some delicious vegan, sugar-free frozen “yogurt” from our favorite… Continue reading

Day 5: Roast Your Own Peppers!

Hello, last Saturday before I return to real life… busy life… I will miss the freedom of no particular schedule. June 18th, graduation, you can’t come soon enough. I had success in sleeping… Continue reading

Day 4: MEATLOAF & Brussels Sprouts

I’m not sleeping well. I wake up every few hours because I feel overheated. I have also heard this is a symptom of transitioning into the paleo diet. One common explanation is that… Continue reading

Day 3: Coconut Cream(er)

Before I show you how to make delicious coffee creamer, I want to update you on how my paleo transition is going. Day 1 was easy. Day 2 and Day 3 have been… Continue reading

Day 2: My Weight Loss Journey

I will never roast a chicken again. The flavor was delicious, but I have so many issues when roasting a chicken in the oven: the recipe wanted me to cut the bird in… Continue reading

Day 1: Shopping & Sardines

I completed my first paleo-approved shopping trip. Almond Milk (I usually buy coconut, but no boxes were on the shelf) Eggs Almonds Garlic Tri-colored Peppers Roma Tomatoes Brussels Sprouts Broccoli Florets and Slaw… Continue reading