Sweet Vacation

“Banana with Spicy Monkey Caramel and Walnuts”

I left a job and started a new one. It’s all good. Really good.

I also took a mini vacation between jobs. Also really good… just like ice cream…

Salt & Straw is an ice cream shop in Portland and is very well-known for crazy flavors, like “Lemon Basil Sorbet” and “Pear and Blue Cheese.” It’s a lot of fun… and a gut torturer. Completely worth it though. I loved my waffle cone.

You know what else is really good? Paleo food carts. More should exist. But Cultured Caveman is AWESOME.

Cultured Caveman, Alberta St. in Portland, Ore.

Ingenious Menu at Cultured Caveman

Paleo Chili Fries

These fries weren’t on the menu, but (with help) I ordered them anyways. They were freakin’ delicious. My friend ordered the chicken tenders. Very good choice as well. She loved them and said she would go back, despite her confusion about “pa-LAY-o.”

Ice cream is great, but I think Paleo is better. Really. I can only handle a bit of ice cream (combined with some gluten) before I don’t fit in my pants, before I can’t wake up in the morning, before I lose all energy to run, before I get my acne back, before I have a mental break-down about how I am unable to make sound decisions (yes, this happened). So, after a vacation including too much chocolate chip cookie dough and ice cream, I am excited to return to eating the way that makes me feel like MAGIC-Paleo.

I started my second Whole30 today. I could have waited until August, but I figured I better create good habits around my new job. I’m giving this round a good shot. I’m going to limit nuts, snack less often, and stop eating a couple of hours before bedtime! I created an Instagram account @humblehappyhealthy to post a daily Whole30 meal. Check me out šŸ™‚