Basil Stuffed Peppers


This weekend, we bought a 2 POUND steak. Scott wanted to take on the challenge of grilling a massive hunk of meat, so he did! We seasoned it lightly with salt, pepper, garlic powder, thyme, and a tiny bit of cayenne and grilled it to perfection. No really. Perfection. Nice and pink middle and charred outside. Mmmm. I’m tasting it all over again.

Eugene finally has summer. I think we all forget that Eugene has a deal with the weather and we never see consistent summer until July 4th. I’m so glad to see the sun and get to be outside. Being sick last week, I was “couch”ridden for majority of the week. Come Saturday, I was SO excited to be outside. Morning run, groceries (including the massive sirloin), a movie (indoors), back outside for dinner, and then a bike ride to the cute little Vanilla Jill’s cart that serves “just fruit” blended together to make a soft-serve-like concoction. It was a perfect Saturday… in the sun.

I mentioned that I was sick… This was the most difficult challenge I have faced since being on the Whole30. It’s easy to eat greens when I’m feeling good enough to make them taste yummy. But when I feel like death, I want ice cream. Since ice cream by itself usually makes me feel like death, my only explanation is that I ate ice cream as a kid when I was sick. I guess that makes ice cream a comfort food. A delicious comfort food that kills my gut for days.

Aside from ice cream, the only “off-plan” foods I have really had a hankering for are waffles and hearty cookies. There’s this cookie at a local restaurant that is double-chocolate hazelnut. It’s probably 3/4 inch thick and 3 inches in diameter. Made with wholesome, local ingredients. I’ve never had this cookie before, but I bet I’ll be eating it sometime around the end of our Whole30.

Back to the stuffed peppers… I fashioned these peppers after something Scott ate at a friend’s house. The basil was my idea.


Eat the Basil for Extra Flavor

Basil Stuffed Peppers

Bell Peppers, your favorite colors and enough to feed you & your beloved
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Basil Leaves, 2 leaves per pepper
1. Cut the pepper like you would if you were making stuffed peppers- Cut down, into the pepper around the stem. Cut deep enough that the seed walls are separated from the peppers. Pull the stem. You should have a hole into a hollow pepper. Carve out and discard the seeds. Cut the seeds off from the stem. Discard more seeds.
2. Coat the inside of the pepper with olive oil and balsamic. We have olive oil and balsamic in our Misto, which makes this step very quick & easy.
3. Toss in a couple basil leaves.
4. Replace the stem top.
5. Place on pre-heated grill. Cook for about 10 minutes, turning a couple times throughout.
6. Cut in and enjoy! Don’t eat the stem…