Goals for May

What? Really? May? Hmm… I graduate in June. I have 15 hours logged on my senior project. I (ideally) need 60 before June 1st. I’m thinking I won’t get there… In the meantime, I’ll spend time writing to all of you about what I eat 🙂

As you may know, Thursday was my full 30 days eating paleo. I’ve decided that I will not give up dairy, mostly grass-fed butter and some whole milk in coffee/tea, so I am going to refer to my diet as Primal (Mark Sisson’s healthstyle) from now on.

The first two weeks of eating primally, I had amazing weight loss results (9lbs). The second two weeks, I gained two pounds back. I blame part of that on being a woman. Ugh. And being sick with an ear infection and Tonsillitis. Nonetheless, it’s still frustrating to see the scale go back up after a great weight loss.

I take part of the blame for weight gain since I have been eating more primal treats and nuts lately. Aside from that, my carbs have been in check-I think. I don’t really know because I haven’t tracked my food during the last month.

I’d really like to be 115lbs by June 18th. I weighed 115lbs when I graduated high school in 2007 and weighing the same weight at my college graduation would be pretty cool. Not to mention, I would look (&feel) great for summer. How am I going to get there? Hopefully by setting goals for May.

May Goals

  • Track food for the first week of May: better understanding of where I actually lie in my macronutrient balance
  • Find a different snack: five almonds find their way into my hand when I get munchy. Not a bad food, it’s just not great for weight loss.
  • Primal treat once a week-if I want it: I will try to make do without a treat once a week, but I’m doubtful. Oh, no… Dark chocolate does not count.
  • Full-fat dairy froyo only: I work with delicious handmade, organic, local frozen yogurt. It’s such a temptation to eat it. I’m only going to eat the full-fat, no sugar varieties, which are made occasionally.
  • Move (a lot), Lift Heavy Things (2xs week), Sprint (1/week): I move frequently. I started lifting my body weight last week. I have yet to sprint. I want to prioritize ALL of these.

I would also really like to figure out intermittent fasting. A lot of people have weight loss success with a few different methods of I.F. I’m currently trying an eating window (12pm-8pm). I have tried missing random meals, which seemed fine. I.F. works for some people, but others do well with three-meals-a-day. I’m not really sure which is best for me. So, figuring out whether I.F. works for me, or not, is also a goal of mine.

Anyways, stick around for updates during May 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have a good weight loss report for you!