Day 30: A (slightly) Whole New Me!

Crockpot Chicken-A Weekly Staple

There it is! 30 days Paleo (with a few cheats)…

Since high school, I have considered myself very aware of my health and what I’m eating. Because of this previous adaption, committing (mostly) to the paleo/primal diet was pretty easy. Honestly, I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. Following this healthstyle has helped me see some things that I have been missing out on though!


Our Soon-to-be-Garden!

Since I ate SO many vegetables over the last month, I can only wonder how much money we could save if we grew vegetables. Well, our raised garden bed is in the making! That’s right-I’ve been inspired to start growing some veggies in our backyard! It’s going to be fun!

Summer CSA Box!

Another thing of the near future is farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) weekly boxes. I’ve seen the bumper sticker that says “Who’s Your Farmer?” and thought Uhh… some tan man in Mexico, probably. Well, I’m tired of letting this be the norm in the family. We signed up to receive a CSA box starting in June and I’m going to start frequenting the farmer’s market.

Local Eggs!

This week while I was at Trader Joe’s (not going to knock T.J.’s., I love it), I mulled over the variety of eggs-brown, white, organic, extra omega-3’s, free range, cage free… I eventually picked a decent compromise, cage-free raised in the NW. However, as I was checking out, I decided to ask the cashier what he thought about free-range versus cage-free eggs. I know the difference with meat, but I wasn’t sure about eggs. Well, after different cashiers and customers from other lines chiming in, I was convinced that I should be buying from a local farmer. So, local eggs… That’s something else I will be aiming to buy.

Fermented Veggies!

Finally, you may know that I have been ill with an ear infection/throat thing. I took a week worth of antibiotics and felt somewhat better. I was still craving pickles. Yes, I crave pickles when I’m sick. One day I was talking to my home-remedy focused boss about the antibiotics. She asked me if I was going out of my way for some extra probiotics. HmmProbiotics… We sell them in our yogurt. I guess I’m eating some. Then she reminded me that fermented veggies (GOOD PICKLES!!!) have probiotics. DING! So, I went and bought some kraut… I know, not pickles, but it’s what sounded good. I’ve been loving on my $5 jar of kraut for a couple days and it’s half gone. Time to start making my own fermented veggies! Kombucha might be next 😉

I’ve been meaning to do a few of these things for quite awhile, but paleo really gave me the push I need. So many good posts coming!

Here’s to the next 30 days and getting these projects really going! And, this next month, I plan to have less cheats. If I want something sweet, I’m going to make it. I will find a good, primal treat and make it!