Our Newest Family Member

Cuisinart Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor

Did I trick you? He he he.

I am so excited to add this beauty to our home. There are so many recipes that are 100x’s harder when attempted in a blender instead of a food processor.

Over at PaleOmg, Juli makes so many dishes with cauliflower “rice.” When attempted in a blender, it always comes out as mashed cauliflower. Still good, but not riced cauliflower. This will be a great benefit of having a food processor, but it wasn’t the convincing factor (I hope not! That’s a lot of $$$ to spend on a cauliflower “ricer”).

What convinced me?

Nut butters.

Coconut butter in process

The very first thing made in the food queen was coconut butter. I literally unpacked all of the parts, washed the necessary ones, and threw in unsweetened coconut flakes. 10 minutes later…

So smooth and creamy...

If you have a food processor, coconut butter really is that easy…

We’re planning to track how much money we save by owning a food processor (most of this saving will come from nut butter and salsa). This jar of coconut butter was probably around $3. Organic & raw. Including shipping and handling, we saved almost $10.

What’s your favorite food processor concoction?


On a similar note, coconut oil (yes, it’s different), is a miracle oil. I was in the sun for about an hour and a half yesterday. My shoulder was BRIGHT red when we came home. I applied coconut oil a few times yesterday. Today, I have a little pink. No pain. Starting to tan. Coconut oil treats sun burns. Just fyi.