For the Love of My ♥

Mmmm... beef.

A couple weeks ago a study was published that claims that red meat can cause premature death… or something. I heard about it at work and dismissed it pretty fast because I’ve learned to look at studies with an analytical mind. First thoughts: they probably used meat that was not grass-fed; not raised in a very good environment; wait can this study include McDonald’s meat or meat laden with pink slime? Eww.

After a couple days, the study came back to haunt me. Am I really sure that red meat is a good staple? I searched Mark’s Daily Apple to see what Mr. Sisson had to say.

Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?, which addresses the recently published study, was the first article I read. Wow. Well, no need to read much more… I encourage you to read the article, but I’d like to highlight a few pieces.

“the folks eating the most red meat were also the least physically active, the most likely to smoke, and the least likely to take a multivitamin (among many other things you can spot directly in the table, including higher BMIs, higher alcohol intake, and a trend towards less healthy non-red-meat food choices)”

Also interesting…

“here we see the folks eating the least red meat have the highest rates of elevated cholesterol, while the red-meat-indulgers have the lowest rates”


Basically, the general healthstyle of an individual (& the will of God) is really the determining factor in mortality.

Mr. Sisson concludes another article with “Don’t be obese, do exercise, don’t smoke, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, take supplements, avoid processed meats, avoid overcooked meats, eat from a variety of animal foods.”

After reading his convincing articles, I was assured that red meat isn’t a culprit. Then I began to wonder how much red meat to eat. Oh boy.

Calculated my lean body mass (very inaccurately).

Multiplied it by .7 to estimate how many grams of protein I “need” per day.

Went to FitDay to calculate grams of protein in my common foods (eggs, chicken, and ground beef).

Made up meals to reach that goal. Phew. At three eggs, 3oz. of chicken, and 4oz. of beef a day I should be right at my protein goal!


So there it is. If you’ve been concerned about red meat, hopefully these articles ease some of your worries. Keep your head out of the CW, my primal friends!