Primal Fitness

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I am waddling instead of walking. I am using a good five-seconds to sit in any chair. I can’t lift my arms above my head very easily. My shoulders are sore. I feel like someone tried to wring water out of me

You’re probably thinking that I had a pretty intense gym work-out yesterday. Actually, I had a pretty intense living room work-out yesterday. I completed the Primal Blueprint Fitness self-assessment.

Primal Blueprint Fitness advocates four weight bearing exercises using your own body weight.
•    Push-ups
•    Pull-ups
•    Squats
•    Plank

In the self-assessment, I completed each of the four exercises in the basic variation. The number of repetitions, or seconds, I completed determined what variation of the exercise I would start to gain more fitness. Here are my results:
•    Push-ups – 22
•    Pull-ups – 0 (I already knew this…)
•    Squats – 70
•    Plank – 91 seconds

For my “Lift Heavy Things” days, I will be completing the exercises in this manner:
•    Push-ups: incline against a hip-height table
•    Pull-ups: assisted with both feet
•    Squats: full-squats
•    Plank: forearm/feet plank

With all the CrossFit craze happening, I am motivated. However, I’m not willing to pay $100+ a month for a membership (a great gym, comradery, one-on-one coaching, and nutrition advice) when I know that CrossFit is not sustainable for my life.

I am challenging myself to get CrossFit-fit at home. I won’t be dead-lifting 300+lbs and I won’t be competing in any CrossFit games, but I will be fit . That’s all I want anyways. I want to feel, and be, strong . I want my body to function as it should and be able to survive various situations.

I took “before pictures” this morning and I’ll take some progress pictures in nine weeks (graduation). I’ll let you know how things go.