Day 13 & 14: Two Weeks In

I wish that I had more to report about how my primal diet is going. I really don’t have much to say… Since I have been on restrictive diets before, (due to intolerance) I am not having a horrible time adjusting.

NOT primal food... Look for a primal-friendly copycat recipe soon!

As far as something I miss the most, I am sad to admit its sugar… I still crave sugar. I suppose if I were to do the Whole30 challenge (basically being STRICT paleo/primal) I would stop craving sugar. I still eat dark chocolate, generally 70% or above, and we did have one date night at Sweet Life. Comparing to my life pre-primal/post-sugar-free, my sugar consumption is rather low. I plan to reduce consumption of cane sugar more by making some primal treats. At least my conscience will feel better about eating some goodies. C’mon-I’m a baker at heart. I can’t just give up on baking treats. Plus, I have a husband… ha ha.

Oh, and dark chocolate will never go.

Husband's Cake-I would be lying if I said I didn't eat any.

Intermittent fasting is something that’s practiced among the primal eating world, and I can say that I am a participant. I usually miss lunch out of inconvenience. Before eating primally, I needed to eat every few hours or else I would become very unpleasant. Now I can miss a meal and be just fine. I’m hungry, sure, but I know that a meal is coming soon.


I have a decent amount of energy. I’ve been able to hike and bike for an hour on an empty stomach without feeling like dropping dead. I am very consistent at “moving frequently at a slow pace,” but I would like to start incorporating more sessions of “lift heavy things.” You see, I was going to buy a door-frame pull-up bar. Then I looked at our doors and realized we don’t have frames… Ha. Husband will try to build something. I have no excuse for not doing push-ups, squats, or planks. Maybe I’ll do that this week.

That’s my summary of the last couple weeks. I’m sorry that I don’t have more recipes for you right now. Our family is going through adjustments as the term just started and I am transitioning into a new job. Someday I will consistently post some good recipes! Promise 😀

Tell me! What kind of recipes do you want?