Day 11 & 12: Wait. Is this healthy?

I’m feeling great. No sluggishness or headaches, unless I’m caught at Sweet Life. No guilt after eating wayyy too many carbs. I have good energy. I don’t feel bloated. This diet change is doing me good.

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I came across a post in a forum that questioned the long-term health affects of eating a primal diet. Since the diet is based on the paleolithic period, evidence is controversial. Some claim that there is evidence proving that the diet is good for us. Others, like myself, have doubts that the paleolithic period even existed. Basically, there’s no long-term studies proving that this diet is beneficial for our health. Someone said that he’s interested to see what happens to Mark Sisson (the author of Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple) as he ages. Sounds reasonable.

Anyways, this question made me wonder if the diet is actually good for me. I started mentally listing the foods that are not encouraged. I took note of the nutrients/vitamins I could be missing by ridding those foods, I took into account what I already know about my body and the discouraged foods, and I came to a solid conclusion.

Photo Credit: Mark's Daily Apple

Here’s what my list looked like:

Gluten: I already know I cannot digest gluten. I’m not going to bother listing the things I could be missing because I have lived without gluten for years. By the way, most of the population could actually be diagnosed as gluten-intolerant. Most people just don’t want to give it up.
Grains:Meh. Rice tastes good and feels good, but it never keeps me full. Grains provide carbohydrates, but so do fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have more nutrients and less calories. I’ll stick with fruits and veggies.
Dairy: I also know that my body doesn’t digest diary very well either. Again, most of the population has some degree of lactose-intolerance. So, maybe we’re missing out on calcium. Spinach, broccoli, and kale have calcium.
Sugar: Do I really need to explain this one? Nobody needs toxic sugar to live a healthful life. Full of calories and no vitamins or nutrients. Next.
Legumes: Beans never digest well in my body. I continued to eat them because they were cheap and had quite a bit of protein. If protein is the only reason I was eating these dumb things, I’ll trade ’em for a hunk of cow. I will admit that I do miss peanut butter, a little bit… Although, almond butter is good too!

There are some other questionable foods such as peas (which I already discussed), tomatoes, potatoes, and tropical fruits. Some people eat wild rice and quinoa (recommended for athletes). Some people eat full-fat, raw, unpasteurized dairy and others just eat full-fat dairy. Definitely some controversial foods within the diet.

My conclusion:

I think this diet is a really good choice for me. I am eating SO many more vegetables than before, I am eating really good quality meat, I’ve ditched the carb-cycle, and I am no longer eating any processed foods.

I am going to continue to eat this way until my body tells me otherwise… or if all the primal-eaters out there start dropping dead.

What do you think of the primal and paleo diets?