Day 8: Dinner for One

At least two nights a week, I cook for one. Scott is at work and I am able to experiment in the kitchen. He doesn’t mind if I experiment while he’s home, but I feel less pressure to concoct something out of nothing for myself. Stir-fry is usually what happens. & I’m okay with that. I love stir-fry. I could eat it everyday. Wait… I do eat it everyday.


Green Curry Stir-Fry

Curry Stir-fry

1 large carrot
1 cup broccoli
1/2 cup broccoli slaw (yes, it is slimmer cut broccoli & carrots)
10 snap peas
3/4 cup diced chicken
1 TBL green curry paste
3 TBL coconut milk
salt to taste
cayenne pepper to taste
1. Heat TBL oil of your choice in a large pan.
2.  Julienne the carrot. My pieces are large julienne. Chop the broccoli.
3. Saute the carrot and broccoli until tender.
4. Add slaw and saute about a minute. Add snow peas. Saute for another minute.
5. Add chicken.
6. In a small bowl, whisk curry paste wit coconut milk. Pour over veggies and chicken.
7. Let steam. Add salt and cayenne pepper and continue cooking until the chicken is warm.
8. Serve! Eat with chopsticks!

I realize that snap peas may or may not be paleo. Sure, they’re a vegetable, but they’re relatively high in carbohydrates and then there is something about the lectins… Like Primal Toad’s post, I believe it’s a personal decision to eat things that make you feel good while balancing the nutritional advantage of the food.

I really wish everyone had the same opinion about what is healthy. It would make things a lot easier. We have variance within paleo. Then there’s primal. Then there’s the anti-gluten, anti-sugar, anti-animal milk crowd. Then conventional wisdom, also known as USDA’s guidelines. And so many more beliefs! I just wish someone knew everything! And then we all knew everything. It will happen someday.

What about “healthy foods” confuses you the most? Let me know and I’ll try to write a comparison post about it!