Day 6 & 7: One Week Paleo

Just a beautiful picture of Oregon ♥

Well, there it is. One whole week paleo. I have stayed close to 100% paleo, but I’ve had some indulges. Last week, I ate some delicious vegan, sugar-free frozen “yogurt” from our favorite yogurt shop, Vanilla Jill’s. I love having so many special diet places in Eugene! Someday soon, I will start a series on why I love Eugene so much. ANYWAYS, back to indulgences… Due to a bachelorette party, I had a few drinks this weekend. I chose drinks made with fruit juice and non-grain alcohol. Again, not entirely pro-paleo, but not counter-paleo either. I ate some sweet potatoes on Sunday. While sweet potatoes are paleo-approved, I am trying to keep carbs low until I reach my goal weight. Finally, I will never ever, ever, EVER, relinquish dark chocolate. Must have.

Throughout the week, I also found that I am accidentally using intermittent fasting (skipping meals). I know. I know. We’ve been taught all our lives to never skip a meal. We’ve also been taught to keep grains as a foundation of our eating habits. Just as paleo argues that large amounts of whole grains is “conventional wisdom,” eating multiple times a day is also conventional wisdom. We eat because we can, not because we must. Often (I don’t really know because I wasn’t alive), the hunter-gatherers of the old world would fast by accident. A large meal was eaten once or twice a day, due to the exercise of making the meal or lack of food. A snack or two may have followed. Now, we’re told to eat how many times a day? 5, 8? Doesn’t make too much sense. It could make sense of why our nation is obese…

As far as how I feel, I feel good. However, the week before starting this journey, I ate TERRIBLY. Like bags of Reese’s Eggs terribly… Ew. After flushing that from my system, I feel great. I have a good amount of energy. I’m not always thinking about food. I feel strong. I feel like I want to keep doing this. I also want to start Crossfit. But that’s a few paychecks away! Maybe after graduation.

I’m sharing a picture of a lunch I ate this week. With some modifications and better marinara sauce, I will actually develop a recipe for this dish. It will come soon!


Left-over meatloaf scrambled with mushrooms & kale. Topped with marinara.

Spring break is over in Eugene 😦 . Is yours over? Did you get vacation?