Day 2: My Weight Loss Journey

I will never roast a chicken again. The flavor was delicious, but I have so many issues when roasting a chicken in the oven: the recipe wanted me to cut the bird in half, but my shears and knife weren’t sharp enough; despite using a thermometer, I can NEVER tell if the chicken is fully cooked; and none of the chicken parts come off to make a pretty picture (hence the throw-back post). I will stick to making chicken in the crock-pot.

Now to today’s topic…

My first diet began in 6th grade. My parents were on the Atkins Diet, so I jumped in too. I didn’t stay on plan for long. I loved cake for breakfast too much. Eventually, I turned into an Ashley that I really didn’t like…

This is me during early high school-before I really decided to lose weight at (about) 215lbs.

A Mother's Day hike that I refused to finish because I was so exhausted and hated hiking due to my weight.

June 2004

And then began the obsessive running and tracking calories. I believe I lost 75lbs between the summers of 2004 and 2005. It wasn’t necessarily a healthy weight loss because I was eating WAY too few calories to be running 6+ miles a day. However, I was so sick of how I looked and felt, I was desperate to lose weight.

July 2005, 135lbs

I felt good, but I knew that I still had extra body fat. So, I kept losing. At one point in time, I caught bronchitis and I couldn’t eat. I weighed 98lbs (the lowest in my life, aside from childhood). I looked and felt extremely weak. After bronchitis, I gained some weight back and felt pretty good. I remember feeling good and running my fastest mile time at 116lbs.

Where I want to be now!!! Around 115lbs.

Since my initial weight loss, I have fluctuated a lot. I gained the freshman 15… twice. And then some. I tried Weight Watchers and successfully lost over 20lbs. It came back once I became a “Lifetime Member.” I have tried calorie counting, but I can’t seem to count longer than a day. I’ve tried running my butt off, but I just seem to maintain.

Through all of my eating trials, I have learned a few things. I can’t tolerate gluten or dairy, I can live without refined sugar, I love fat (especially in the form of coconut), and DIETS DON’T WORK. A person must make a complete lifestyle change in order to see lasting results.

As for paleo, I’m on board. While I’d like to drop about 20lbs, and gain some muscle, I am choosing a new lifestyle that fits with what my body has told me about food. I’m excited to be here and I am determined to be healthy!

Losing weight was really tough! Do you have a great accomplishment that required a lot of work?