The Beginning

Yesterday was a great day.

We had friends over for awesome waffles…

Gluten-free, vegan cinnamon and chocolate chip waffles-Mmmm

& We celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday…

Gluten-free German Chocolate cake with traditional frosting

It was a wonderful day including two wonderful meals loaded with grains and sugar. A great way to feel an intense sugar high followed by sleepiness… A great way to bring closure to a pre-paleo lifestyle…

Today I am beginning a serious transition into a more paleolithic lifestyle (to learn more about living paleo/primal check out Mark’s Daily Apple). Many people in the paleo world encourage a 30 day challenge to give the lifestyle a true chance to change the body. I’m taking this challenge. Over the next 30 days, I will post my transition into paleo. I’m expecting to have a relatively easy transition because I have been eating gluten-free for years, I am lactose-intolerant, I gave up sugar for a few months, and I eat organic & local when possible and sensible. I still need to kick grains and legumes-noooo! not the peanut butter!!!


Have you ever tried to live/eat paleo? How did you feel when you first started?