Sweet Vacation

I left a job and started a new one. It’s all good. Really good. I also took a mini vacation between jobs. Also really good… just like ice cream… Salt & Straw is… Continue reading

Kitchen Sink Frittata & Whole 30 Results

I had my first bite of sugar in 30 days… Espresso Frozen Yogurt made from cashew milk. Good stuff. However, it just tastes like sugar…. I had higher hopes. The bite of dark… Continue reading

Whole30 Scramble

Today is the last day of our Whole30! Honestly, we’re both a little shocked that a) we made it & b) it went so quickly.┬áThe first two weeks were rough as we adjusted.… Continue reading

Basil Stuffed Peppers

This weekend, we bought a 2 POUND steak. Scott wanted to take on the challenge of grilling a massive hunk of meat, so he did! We seasoned it lightly with salt, pepper, garlic… Continue reading

Grilled Blueberry Pork!

I am trying my hardest to love like pork…and it has been a challenge. I don’t think I ate much pork that wasn’t Shake’n’Bake. I’m just not accustomed to the flavor and texture.… Continue reading

Italian Pan-Roasted Eggplant and Peppers

Today wraps up week 2 of Whole 30. When we wake up tomorrow, we will be half-way through the challenge. I’m really impressed by my husband’s effort to keep going. The first few… Continue reading

Called OUT.

  Transition periods are difficult. And I always seem to make them more difficult than need be. I graduated from college, started a new job, have attempted to join CrossFit (three times), started… Continue reading

Still Living!

I thought it would be courteous of me to let all of you know that I am busy. Very busy. I am working on a major project and presentation to wrap-up my undergraduate… Continue reading

Deciding to be Happy

Yesterday I did something dumb. I drown all of my emotions (or I tried, but ended up escalating my irritability) with Phish Food by Ben & Jerry’s. Definitely not healthy for my mind.… Continue reading

Tested Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Cookies

I made some pretty lofty goals for this month and while I’ll stick to some, I realized that some are unreasonable-losing 15lbs in the next 8 weeks could prove difficult. I’ll do what… Continue reading